Geheimgang 188: Specialforce Meteor

By | February 4, 2020

by Geheimgang 188 (website)

Lagerpl. 2, 8400


2-6 players

60 minutes

The Swiss Intelligence Service had a major break-through: they located the secret hideout of Thomi Gschwind, the most wanted criminal in Europe. Right now, the special unit “Meteor” investigates the secret catacombs of a former factory in Winterthur. Is Thomi Gschwind still in there?
As part of the forensics“Meteor” you are the second unit that enters the basement. You have no idea what to expect. All you have in mind are all the past terrible doings of Thomi Gschwind. As head of the “Black Skorpions”, Gschwind is responsible for blackmailing, hijacking and even assassination. Nobody really knows who and where the “Scorpions” are let alone what they are up to.
Your mission is to to search the hideout, dust for prints and find out, where Thomi Gschwind might be right now. Even the highest commander of the Swiss Intelligence Service is here and gives his orders. He seems nervous. Is he aware of Thomi Gschwind’s devilish plans?
He gives you just one hour, to figure everything out…
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Geheimgang 188 ist eine coole Location in einer Art Künstler-/Sceneviertel in Winterthur. In unmittelbarer Nähe gibt es genügend Möglichkeiten zur Einkehr, wie zum Beispiel die Outback Lodge, ein Australisches Restaurant gleich nebenan. Nachdem wir als „Aufwärmprogramm“ das Geheimnis der Blackrockmiene gelüftet haben, wird es nun deutlich schwerer.

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