Sneaky Dog Escapes: Signal Lost

By | January 30, 2020

by Sneaky Dog Escapes (website)

40 Victoria Road, SO19 9DX


2-4 players

60 minutes

virtual reality
Asgard, a secret research station orbiting the Earth.
A few hours ago a powerful electromagnetic pulse was registered from within Asgard, then communication was severed and the station shifted into a decaying orbit.
The station will enter the Earth's atmosphere in an hour!
The impact of this gigantic station will be cataclysmic for humanity!
Your team's objective is to reactivate the stations controls and restore Asgard to a safe orbit.
What does Asgard hide? Where are the crew? It's up to you to find answers and save the day, or die attempting the greatest rescue in the history of mankind.
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