Down The Hatch: Flight 815

By | January 18, 2020

by Down The Hatch (website)

Populierendreef 968C, 2272 HW


3-6 players

80 mins
You are enjoying a pleasant and stable flight back from Australia, till you notice a bit of turbulation. The plane starts to shock and suddenly everything gets dark for your eyes. when you wake up, you have no clue what happened. Did the plane land, or are you having a nightmare? When you can think clear again.. you have no idea where you are.. but the most important question is…
How can you leave this place?
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Rated between 40 and 50 out of 5

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With my usual carelessness about the details of the games in booking myself into, I completely failed to realise that Flight 815 is an escape room inspired by the TV series Lost, figuring that out only about halfway through the game. It therefore came as a surprise to me, though not an unwelcome one, that the airplane setting is only a small part of it.
It still provided an excellent start for a very varied escape room. You could almost describe Flight 815 as a sequence of mini escape rooms, wi...
Two impressive games. The sets are magnificent, the puzzles are good, especially in Flight 815 and the eighty-minute duration gives you a real opportunity to get into the story.

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