Fox in a Box Protaras: Zodiac Killer

By | January 18, 2020

by Fox in a Box Protaras (website)

Protara 11, 5296


2-5 players

60 minutes

You are captured by a serial killer. Tied up and left in his lair, escape is your only chance. His method of operation is much like one Infamous Zodiac killer had. Has the real Zodiac returned or is this his copycat? You have only 60 minutes to escape, or the next body in a morgue will be yours.
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A solid addition to London’s games. There’s an interesting start, good decoration and enjoyable, logical puzzles. It may not have amazed me, but it did keep me interested throughout, and it never let me down. If you’re happy with the theme, then it’s well worth a visit.
Another day, trapped by another serial killer. It sure is a good thing we’re better at getting out of these situations than we are at avoiding them!
Fox in a Box Madrid is the another location of the beloved Escape Room Franchise. Did it hold up to the high standards we know from other cities?

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