Fox in a Box Los Angeles: Zodiac

By | December 27, 2020

by Fox in a Box Los Angeles (website)

8255 Sunset Boulevard, West Hollywood

Los Angeles

60 minutes


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Another day, trapped by another serial killer. It sure is a good thing weโ€™re better at getting out of these situations than we are at avoiding them!
A solid addition to Londonโ€™s games. Thereโ€™s an interesting start, good decoration and enjoyable, logical puzzles. It may not have amazed me, but it did keep me interested throughout, and it never let me down. If youโ€™re happy with the theme, then itโ€™s well worth a visit.
Fox in a Box Madrid is the another location of the beloved Escape Room Franchise. Did it hold up to the high standards we know from other cities?

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