TimeTrap Escape Rooms: Pudding Lane

By | July 29, 2019

by TimeTrap Escape Rooms (website)

11 Friar Street, RG1 1DB​


60 minutes

It’s Tuesday 4th September 1666 and The Great Fire of London has been burning for two days. Order has begun to break down and chaos is threatening to erupt – fuelled by the rumours that the fire was started on purpose… Londoners are blaming every stranger that crosses their path. Is it another attack in the long running feud with the Catholics? A retaliation in the war with the Dutch? Or was it just an accident?
Only one man knows the truth about how the fire started, and that man is Thomas Farriner, a baker from Pudding Lane, from whose bakery the first flames appeared on September 2nd… But with his house and, in fact, his entire street long destroyed, Farriner and his three children have fled to safety at the house of his brother David, on Mincing Lane.
Meanwhile, a Frenchman by the name of Robert Hubert has been arrested on suspicion of starting the fire. If found guilty, he will hang, and although he doesn’t seem in his right mind, and his story doesn’t add up, the authorities want someone to blame and are ignoring their suspicions that he is innocent.
In order to set things straight and stop London collapsing into paranoid anarchy, Thomas Farriner must be convinced to deliver a statement describing what really happened on the night of September 2nd through the door of the nearest church. But first, someone must brave the fiery streets and dastardly challenges in order to find him… The question then is, what will he decide to say? The fate of London awaits…
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Those who are less familiar with London history might assume Pudding Lane is confectionary themed - but of course this game is actually named after the place where the Great Fire of London began in 1666. Your team has been sent back in time, not to prevent the fire from breaking out but to determine how it started, and ensure blame does not fall in the wrong place.
My first reaction on entering the room was to gleefully geek out over how beautifully a certain aspect of the scenery had been buil...
We enjoyed Imaginarium, and loved Station X, but Pudding Lane is by far one of our favourite games on offer at TimeTrap, cementing itself a place in Liz's Top Ten Escape Rooms list

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