Deadbolt Mystery Society: Asylum

By | May 15, 2019

by Deadbolt Mystery Society (website)

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For nearly a century, Saturn Hills Asylum has housed the mentally disturbed of Valley Falls. Under the leadership of Dr. Norman Blackthorn, Saturn Hills has become known as both a pioneer in experimental psychiatric techniques as well as a facility equipped to house the most dangerous, demented criminals. Despite the nature of the sadistic souls held within its walls, Saturn Hills has functioned largely without incident until Wolfgang Koch was discovered in his room, hanging from the overhead light by a makeshift noose. The way Koch died seems particularly strange given his history and the reason he was incarcerated at Saturn Hills in the first place. Koch, one of Saturn Hills’ most notorious inmates, was also known as The Judas Killer because he hanged each and every one of his victims and left a handful of silver coins in the pockets of the deceased as he staged the suicide of Judas Iscariot over and over again. Silver coins, incidentally, were also found at the crime scene. Who had it out for The Judas Killer and what was their motive for killing him? What kinds of secrets are hidden behind the padded walls of Saturn Hills? Can you discover what was really going on at Saturn Hills Asylum and determine who killed Wolfgang Koch?
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