Real Quest: Robbery at the Museum

By | April 27, 2019

by Real Quest (website)


60 minutes

You used to play poker with your friends. One day your excessive self-cofidence played out a bad joke with you, and you lost to the dangerous people. These people don’t forget such things...
Their demand- Diamond. The Museum where the diamond is located is equipped with the best security system, which you will have to hack, but in orderto do this you have only 60 minutes!
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This was again a very impressive heist game with an impressive set, though in this case with some more artificial ways of progressing that moved away from the naturalistic style we'd seen in other heist games here, towards a more traditional puzzle-based design.
I'm not sure it's true that the buttons Sam refers to had a failure - our other team had no problem with them so I could believe that one was player failure. On the other hand, any game that uses a battery-powered piece of equipment re...

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