Unlock!: Sherlock Holmes

By | March 31, 2019

by Unlock! (website)

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The master detective faces a most bizarre affair and could use your assistance as he pursues his investigation.
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The Scarlet Thread of Murder is an ambitious concept for a game - perhaps too much so for its own good. Unlock!’s Sherlock game does well at capturing a genuine feeling of investigating a murder mystery, but the result makes for a game that can leave players floundering.
Its central innovation is a system for discovering ‘locations’ - if you find a reason to go to a certain place, you can enter that place name into the app and it tells you which card to take. In addition, the usual Unlock! syst...
The Unlock! series has shifted from releasing 3 different one-off games to releasing all 3 games in one bundle. Instead of looking at each game in depth, I am going to explore all 3 at a higher level.
Examining clues, questioning witnesses, and chasing down leads all over London as you piece together the story pulls you into the heart of any good Sherlock game.
It's not the best game from Unlock. In fact, it means that two out of three of the Heroic Adventures games are on the poor side. Insert Coins saves the trilogy but not enough for us to recommend the set as a must play. Sherlock Holmes: The Scarlet Thread of Murder has real potential but the only crime being committed her is the quality of the game.

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