Unlock!: Night of the Boogeymen

By | March 20, 2019

by Unlock! (website)

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This brand-new adventure for unlock! Challenges players to enter little william’s nightmares to work through obstacles and solve puzzles to help defeat the dreaded boogeymen
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Unlock! are nothing if not experimental. I imagine it's due to the variety of designers involved, typically a different designer for each game, but the way each game is distinctive not just in presentation but in gameplay is one of the series's particular strengths - although that comes with the drawback of inconsistent style of play.
Each set of three games tends to come with a spread of difficulties, and Boogeymen is the game rated 'easy' in the Exotic Adventures set. (Yes, they're clearly ru...
The Night of The Boogeymen is as good as Unlock! and table top escape games have gotten for me so far. I loved playing this game… and we’re not going to give away our copy (like we normally do) because one day I’m going to forget the puzzles and I’ll replay it.
Don’t worry kids! That Boogeyman under your bed isn’t real. But the ones in your closet, hiding in that shadow and lurking outside your window totally want to eat you. And that big one in your nightmares? Yeah – he’s the worst Boogeyman of them all.
The Unlock! Team is back. This time you’ll be entering the horrific night fears of a child who needs your help beating not one, but SEVERAL Boogeymen!

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