Argyx Games: Apocalpyse (prelude)

By | March 20, 2019

by Argyx Games (website)

1-4 players

£15.00 €16.90

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Paris. You receive the letter of a fanatic signed Abaddon, who claims he is about to kill a number of “female sinners”… The letter contains clues that start you off looking for a mysterious seal. Your challenge is to find it before the murderer puts his threats into action.
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This review comes perilously close to breaking my normal rules, in that it’s for a small taster game put out to raise interest in a crowdfunding campaign for the full product (which is now running, as of two days ago - see the link at the top). However, this prelude works as a stand-alone puzzle game, and is also available to play online in a substantially modified form - more on that later. Both the prelude and the planned full game have a crime story, with a crazed killer taunting investigator...
A review of the Owl's Puzzle, the demo game for Argyx's play at home adventure: Apocalypse. A fun introduction that convinced me to back their kickstarter project.
Argyx Games Prelude to Apocalypse Episode 1: Sign of the Cross was a fun and challenging lead-up to their larger Kickstarter release.
Elements of the experience could have been improved prior to release, but the overall experience was engaging enough for us to look forward to the final release.

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