Unlock!: Mystery Adventures: The Nautilus’ Traps

By | March 20, 2019

by Unlock! (website)

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Second in the Mystery Adventures set of Unlock games, The Nautilus’ Traps is a beautifully illustrated game with an evocative theme, creative puzzle ideas and some clever ideas that mix up the format somewhat; and despite all that it’s a contender for my least favourite of the series.
This scenario is set underwater, with you hiding in a mysterious wreck from a tentacled sea monster. There’s a shock waiting as soon as you begin: instead of the expected 60 minutes, you begin with a much smaller ...
Oof … This one is TRICKY! After our previous success we felt unstoppable. Well, we were wrong. The Nautilus’ Traps absolutely stopped us! But was it fun? Yes! I love and admire the creativity of the whole Unlock! series. What’s not to love in a portable, fast paced and high quality series of games?
Good immersion and beautiful artwork, but be prepared for some challenging puzzles
This box-set escape room board game comes with not one but three separate scenarios for you to play. There’s nothing too wacky as far as story goes: take your pick from a haunted house, a pirate island, or a sunken wreck on the ocean floor…

It's a fun evening, though I wouldn't use it scuba diving guidance ...

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