Porto Exit Games: Port Wine Sabotage

By | March 20, 2019

by Porto Exit Games (website)


2-5 players

60 minutes

A big part of the Douro vineyards has been mysteriously destroyed by an insect plague never seen before in the region and there are rumours that all Port wine production can be at stake.
You and your friends are private investigators and you have found strong evidence that the man behind this catastrophe is Jack Carrapato (JC), a worldwide famous wine investor. You know that JC will be attending a wine tasting session and you have 60 minutes to break into his office and find concrete evidence to close the case. Will you be able to escape in time and save the much appreciated Port Wine from disappearing forever?
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The more escape games I play, the more I enjoy unusual, genre-breaking games that play with immersion or story-telling or unexpected twists, and I’ll usually prefer something ambitious but flawed over solid, standard game. Even so, quality can beat novelty, and blasting through a traditional but well-designed game can be huge fun. That was the case with Porto Escape Game’s original room, which is firmly in the mainstream of escape room design but which was both rigorously fair and also fun to pl...

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