House of Tales: The Executioner

House of Tales: Der Henker

By | March 20, 2019

by House of Tales (website)


2-5 players

Languages: EN, DE

60 minutes

It's your worst nightmare, but there's no waking up. How did you end up in this grim dungeon? You only have this one chance if you don't want to be the executioner's next victim: ESCAPE.

You'll need all your wit to escape the executioner. Will you find a way to free yourself? Your time is running out...

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The Executioner is a horror game, but while it follows some of the usual tropes of the genre - a start involving separation and imprisonment, plenty of rather grisly props - it's not the usual serial killer story. Instead, you've been captured by a murderous cult who intend to use you as human sacrifices, and although theoretically using a modern day setting, the decor is closer to a medieval castle theme.
Nervous players shouldn't be too concerned about the game. The start uses some of the lea...
A review of three games at one of the top Berlin venues - Executioner, The Secret of the Pharaohs and Illuminati. Beautiful rooms with solid puzzles and a great sense of exploration.
We loved this room! It gives you the most realistic experience of an escape room. Read on to find out why.
House of Tales in Berlin is often named as one of the best locations for Escape Room fans in Berlin – naturally, we had to see what all that noise was all about. We battled an Executioner, the Chinese Mafia and the mysterious Illuminati…

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