House of Tales: Kowloon – Walled City

By | March 20, 2019

by House of Tales (website)


2-12 players

60 minutes

Overall rating

Rated between 35 and 40 out of 5

based on 2 pro reviews

Player reviews

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Kowloon is an 18-rated escape game, and although the website description of the story doesn’t entirely spell it out, the plot is that you’re Triad gang members, breaking into a rival gang’s premises to swipe their loot. The premises in question happen to be a sex club, hence the game’s rating.
Perhaps the adult theme means that this is a game popular with the hen and stag do crowd - in the briefing the host seemed prepped for innuendo and banter, in a way that left us a little nonplussed. The h...

One Night in Hong Kong offers a rather unconsumed setting in a special scenery, which makes you want more and of which we would have liked to see more. The room is recommended for beginners and advanced players alike. 

With the way the game was designed, I would designate a team leader. It almost feels like we're just sharing a game screen over zoom. There was really no point in multiple people clicking different things at the same time because the puzzles were linear and it had to be solved as a team before moving on. If HOUSE of TALES want to make a more cooperative type of game, they'll have to implement more puzzles that teams can construct together or build an inventory system where the players can at least "search and find" items separately. A non-linear play could be quite interesting to see. We did love the uniqueness of the story line and the graphics of the game a lot. The ending also left us a nice cliffhanger which I assume there will be a sequel coming in the near future?
House of Tales in Berlin is often named as one of the best locations for Escape Room fans in Berlin – naturally, we had to see what all that noise was all about. We battled an Executioner, the Chinese Mafia and the mysterious Illuminati…

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