Extremescape: Viking

By | March 20, 2019

by Extremescape (website)

Stanley Hall Farm, Stanley Hall Lane, SK12 2JX


2-8 players

Languages: EN

75 mins
Thor’s hammer has been stolen by his menacing brother, Loki & trapped in the golden rings of Aesir.
The Ice Giants have got word of this, and they know Thor is helpless to protect the human race without his powerful weapon.
The giants are on there way, there mission to defeat Thor and destroy the human race.
You must alert the Gods and bring them to Asgard, they will help you in you quest.
Your mission is to find Thor’s Hammer and release it from the golden rings and return it to Thrudheim where it belongs
To acomplish this you must find the Thunder Hammer and return it to the sacred place to create a storm like no-one has seen before.
If you fail you will be the first to die
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Catherine K experienced rated this:Rated between 50 and 50 out of 5
Team size: 2 Outcome: Successful escape!

This went straight into my top 3 rooms, it’s so clever, beautiful and flows so well. We had the best time, such a clever concept and use of space building up to the epic finale. A must do room for any enthusiast.

Escape Enthusiast experienced rated this:Rated between 50 and 50 out of 5
Played: 12 Feb 2022 Team size: 3 Time taken: 55:50

I don't want to spoil anything so I'll keep this review brief. This room is simply stunning. It's a phenomenal experience with brilliant puzzles and beautiful scenery. It's by far my favourite escape room i've experienced. It balances theatrics with some creative puzzles. This should be the priority for any escape room enthusiast. It's perfect. Absolutely flawless.

Arjay Henshall expert rated this:Rated between 45 and 45 out of 5
Played: 11/10/2020 Team size: 3 Time taken: 53 Outcome: Successful escape!

Absolutely incredible.

These guys have taken a rather small space and created something I've never seen before.

I'm not usually a fan of single rooms, however they have managed a create a room that makes it feel like you've played through multiple different spaces. Some great tech and awesome wizardry left us with our jaws on the flaw.

This isn't just an escape room, its an ESCAPE EXPERIENCE 

Great Job (And the owners and GM were second to none, really makes all the difference)

Chris Tyler-Wood experienced rated this:Rated between 50 and 50 out of 5
Played: 25 May 2021 Team size: 2 Outcome: Successful escape!
beautifulimmersivegreat hostingquite difficult

Just played a last minute game and wow. Amazing room, as others have said, theming is incredible. Finale is also another big wow moment. Thank you guys!

Ronnie Meade experienced rated this:Rated between 50 and 50 out of 5
Played: 5 Dec 2021 Team size: 2 Time taken: 53:00 Outcome: Successful escape!
This single room game has everything and delivers the full escape experience... Amazing craftsmanship and immersive room design for the theme. Hints of humour such a well placed pun. Puzzles of pretty much every kind, logic, observation, communication and physical skill. The tech is flawless with only a single padlock and each solution triggering the next part of your game. The finale is epic and great fun. The hosts and owners were amazing with a family run business on a picturesque farm who we happily chatted to about escape rooms  In my top 5 rooms easily
Sabrina (The Overthinkers) expert rated this:Rated between 50 and 50 out of 5
Simon (The Overthinkers) expert rated this:Rated between 50 and 50 out of 5
Played: 18 Oct 2020 Team size: 2 Time taken: 59:00 Outcome: Successful escape!
Mark Greenhalgh expert rated this:Rated between 40 and 40 out of 5
Played: 07/04/19
matt_keds experienced rated this:Rated between 50 and 50 out of 5
Played: 9 Jan 2022 Team size: 4 Time taken: 60 Outcome: Successful escape!


Our first room at Extremescape has gone straight to the top as our favourite. Fully immersive, the hosts were brilliant, and the decor of the room - wow! 

The way that you have to solve puzzles in this room is different to the vast majority of other rooms, and it makes a great experience. When there’s only one padlock in sight, you know it’s going to be fun! Also with it being a 75 minute room, you don’t feel the pressure of worrying about getting out.

We’ve since been back to Extremescape to complete Lost Tomb and Pirate Ship. Viking is still the best, but I would recommend taking the day to do all three as they’re all brilliant. Best company we’ve been to.

WinglessArchangel experienced rated this:Rated between 50 and 50 out of 5
Played: 15 Jan 2022 Team size: 6 Time taken: 53 mins Outcome: Successful escape!
beautifulstory-drivenepicquite difficult😨creepy

Wow, wow, wow!! Having played Lost Tomb first, we headed straight into Viking, wondering what could possibly better it?! Well, we were not disappointed! Whilst Lost Tomb scored incredibly highly for our team in traditional escape room terms (and indeed, a couple of others in my group preferred it for this reason), Viking was like a wonderful piece of immersive, head-scratching theatre. Both opening and ending were remarkable, original and incredibly exciting, and even though this is a game in only one room there was more than enough to keep everyone occupied. We had an interesting moment where a team member put a piece of a puzzle in a place it shouldn’t have been put (sorry Graham and Jess!) but it was solved quickly by our wonderful hosts (even though no-one had ever done that before!!), who were attentive, kind, super-friendly and generous throughout our whole experience at this venue (thank you for the water!). One or two real think-outside-of-the-box puzzles kept us busy, and help came at just the right time. We also loved the complete immersion of the theming - no modern padlocks here, and even the hint system and timer was “camouflaged”. Some gorgeous wood and metal work and really sturdy and tactile props, fixtures and fittings made this game just sheer joy from beginning to end. And did I mention that ending?! Thanks so much Extremescape for a fantastic time, we will be back!! ❤️❤️❤️

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The team behind Extremescape have done it again, delivering a beautiful set with engaging puzzles and fantastic moments of theatre. I was a little worried that they'd struggle to improve on their previous two games, but they absolutely have - coming up with plenty of new ideas to keep their loyal customers happy and putting even more polish into the experience.
Despite struggling with this room (we were tired), we absolutely loved it. From the start to the incredible ending, this game had everything and more. This room is a real gem in the escape room industry and must be played by everyone.

Overall we had a fantastic time, and the experience continued after we left the room. We spent quite a while talking to the owners and had plenty of cuddles with the resident dog (who is a rather large, but beautiful, Rottweiler-style boy).  It’s obvious the passion that has gone into these rooms, and it’s well worth the visit.

Extremescape have created another truly immersive experience. There is a reason they are seen as one of the best in the business because every minute you play their games they are a joy. They could have easily kept this as a 60 minute game but the additional 15 minutes gives you just enough time to take in the visual feast that is such an amazing game.

A very clever and immersive room that all comes together so well. Fantastic range of puzzles and really friendly owners! 


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