Thinking Outside the Box: Merlin

By | March 20, 2019

by Thinking Outside the Box (website)

4 Cattle Market Road, PE1 1TW


2-6 players

60 minutes

As an archaeologist, you find yourself in a cave that has not been touched for a thousand years, Merlin's cave. You soon realise that by stepping inside, you have become trapped by the same curse that imprisoned the legendary wizard. Will you fight magic with magic and break the curse or be doomed forever, only an hour will tell.'
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I'm reliably won over by games that go the extra mile on small details. For example, the game intro, where the standard approach is to play a video or have the host describe the back story. Living up to their name, Thinking Outside The Box take a much more creative approach to their lead-ins, with each of the two games I've played there having a different on-theme start. With Merlin this is an interactive and wittily, tongue-in-cheek immersive sequence that the owner delivered with aplomb.
The ...
Another beautiful room from Thinking Outside the Box. This one was let down a bit for us by a few weak puzzles but I'm confident they'll soon have them sorted and what will remain will be an incredibly strong game.
After being stranded on a desert island, we now find ourselves being cursed in a cave. This is not our day...

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