Thinking Outside the Box: Stranded

By | March 20, 2019

by Thinking Outside the Box (website)

4 Cattle Market Road, PE1 1TW


60 minutes


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Thinking Outside The Box closed their Stranded game at the start of September, and I made a quick dash to play it on its second last day of operation. Since the game no longer exists this is purely for historical interest.
It's quite the challenge to take a room and make it feel plausibly like a desert island, and TOtB did an excellent job. The decor uses paint and faux sand to great effect; despite a door outline or two visible in the 'horizon', they make it easy to willingly suspend disbelief...
A fun game with good hosting, an engaging introduction, a pretty set and plenty of solid puzzles.
We find ourselves stranded in Peterborough! Can we escape?

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