Break Escape LTD: The Sands of Time

By | March 20, 2019

by Break Escape LTD (website)

58/59 Baxter Gate, LE11 1TH


2-6 players

60 minutes

There's a strong rumour about a treasure hunter finding lost gems within a tomb known as The Sands Of Time. Dr Nubis could never escape, believed to be because of his greed, he's now set an array of puzzles to make sure no one else can get their hands on his loot. Do you have what it takes to go one step further?!?! Difficulty - Moderate PLAYERS NEED TO BE MOBILE
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Don’t make a room unnecessarily dark; or if you do, make sure every player has a satisfactorily strong source of light. That’s a subjective opinion, and not everyone agrees with it, but it’s one I’ll argue for until I’m blue in the face. If it’s an opinion you share, then be warned you may find Sands of Time frustrating: it’s played in pitch darkness, with two lanterns shared between however many players are present.
To be fair, the total darkness successfully achieves its aim of building atmos...
A charmingly decorated escape room with solid puzzles. Where they made use of standard escape room tropes, they threw in a twist that helped retain engagement. The experience was tied up nicely by a fitting end sequence although it was a little tough to get everyone fully involved.
We should have performed better in this room than we did, but it was still enjoyable and this would be a great room for family groups to play, even enthusiasts should have a good time.

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