Paradox Parlours Guildford: Venus

By | March 20, 2019

by Paradox Parlours Guildford (website)

Jeffries Passage, GU1 4AP


2-6 players

60 minutes

With the recent rapid increase in the capabilities of artificial intelligence most homes have adopted some helpful AI to assist in tasks around the home.
venus represents the latest in home assistance technology and is the first product that claims to have been created with a human-like personality to help integrate venus into your family.
Reports have recently been coming in of some bugs in the venus system. As part of the tech team, can you investigate?
venus. always on. always listening. always there.
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If you've ever found Siri or Alexa slightly creepy, then Venus is the game for you. The setting is the not too distant future, in a wholesome, gently futuristic suburban living room under the perhaps not so benevolent care of a Venus home AI system. The AI has of course gone rogue and as system engineers, you have the task of fixing it by, essentially, turning it off and on again.
It's not a huge space, and is better suited for a smaller team. Since it's themed as a home of the future, the deco...
The funniest game I've played. For that alone it deserves high praise, but alongside it they've got a great mission, fun puzzles and a good ending. I'd highly recommend heading along.

This room instantly went into our Top 10 and it will be there for some time. Strong puzzles, hilarity, and wonderful GM, this is a room not to miss. Flash Gordon for the win!

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