Red House Mysteries: The Heist

By | March 20, 2019

by Red House Mysteries Exeter (website)

King Street, EX1 1BQ


2-6 players

60 minutes

Amid the skyscrapers and stifling heat of the city, a small group of hustlers are planning the steal of the century.
Your mission is to infiltrate the West Blackridge Memorial Museum, evade the security and claim your prize.
Have you got what it takes to pull off The Heist?
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I got a good impression of Red House Mysteries from the moment I entered the venue, through a corridor lightly but skilfully decorated to evoke an air of old-time mystique. They have two games with quite distinct themes and styles, and the first one we tried was The Heist, with the goal being to break into a museum and steal a valuable enchanted mask.
The theme is familiar, but the game format is quite unique. It's separated into two halves, with the first half consisting of 'preparations', and...

A room with a solid premise but ultimately the execution was lacking. Couple that with a distracted GM and it doesn’t make for the best experience

A well thought-out room with some clever puzzles and a nicely structured theme, leading to a fun finish.

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