Escape Reality Coventry: Murder in Whitechapel

By | March 20, 2019

by Escape Reality Coventry (website)

2nd Floor, East Entrance, Broadgate House, Broadgate, CV1 1NG


2-6 players

Languages: EN

60 minutes

On August 7th, 1888, a female body was found dead in the Whitechapel district of London. Over the next few months, many more bodies of women have turned up, having been subjected to gruesome and torturous deaths. The community had grown nervous and expressed concern.
The Scotland Yard detective division has hired you as a detective to catch the murderer. Can you find and capture the criminal before anyone else loses their life?
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The venue itself is huge, with six games open already. It’s a really neat use of space in the city centre that’s sat empty for a long time now – it’s old office space but just opposite the newly revamped Cathedral Lanes restaurant quarter. It doesn’t still feel like office space though, it’s been well decorated, or least disguised. The whole place beyond the reception area has been done out in black, which gives it a certain laserquest-chic. The reception area itself is large – indeed large enough on this night to be hosting an actual party. We were playing the Jack The Ripper themed room, with the set-up being quite simply to solve the Ripper murders. Should be simple enough.

The iPad system with time penalties for each clue were a downside for me in this game, but one I am able to look past. 

A good looking room with a good theme that ran well from one section to the next. Some enjoyable puzzles that really got us thinking, there was one reset issue where a cupboard wasn't closed, meaning that we wasted a bit of time trying to work out what completing a certain had done, despite that, it was a good room and one I enjoyed. 

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