Chelmsford Escape Rooms: The Last Testament

By | March 20, 2019

by Chelmsford Escape Rooms (website)

Interface Moulsham Mill Project, Parkway, CM2 7PX


2-8 players

60 minutes

You and your team arrive with a Solicitor at the front door of Appleyard’s B&B.
You have been summoned to attend the will reading of your great uncle, Reginald B. Appleyard.
Reg has lived on the premises all of his life, you know very little about him and you’ve never bothered to write, call or visit.
The solicitor has an envelope, inside which is a VHS tape. What has uncle Reg got to say? Why does he want you? What is the secret?
Will you escape?
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By the time I actually started playing Chelmsford Escape Rooms' first game, I felt a right cad. This was due to the unusual premise: you and your teammates are at the residence of your recently deceased great uncle, who you never bothered to visit during his lifetime but whose inheritance you're now eager to claim. Offended by your clear negligence, his will specifies that everything he owns will go to charity, unless you can solve the puzzles he's left for you and thereby abort the bank transfe...

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