Cambridge Escape Rooms: The Bomb

By | March 20, 2019

by Cambridge Escape Rooms (website)

Lincoln House, The Paddocks Business Centre, Cherry Hinton Road, CB1 8DH


2-6 players

60 minutes

You are about to enter the basement of a bank in Cambridge, where a man lived for a few weeks manufacturing a bomb to blow up the Bank. His only purpose in his life is to take revenge on the bank, which took his house, and all his money. Eventually he lost his wife and house too. And all this because he did not read the fine print in the contract he signed with the bank. His revenge proved to be successful in two cities already, your job is to find the bomb, disarm it, and get out of the basement.
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I'm writing this review more than two years after playing the TRAP rooms, so my memory is unreliable and they may have changed anyhow - the Bomb Room for one appears to no longer exist. Also, we played all four rooms in a crazy consecutive burst of enthusiasm, which makes it harder to remember which was which.
However, it's safe to say that the TRAP rooms were good mass-market escape rooms with more of a emphasis on physical puzzles, almost with a Crystal Maze feel. Everything's robustly design...
Yet another great TRAP-designed room. Started off feeling quite weak but improved dramatically and by the end it had recovered and more.

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