Hint Hunt London: Zen Room

By | March 20, 2019

by Hint Hunt London (website)

72-76 Eversholt St, NW1 1BY

Central London

3-5 players

60 minutes

currently unavailable
A journey to the heart of Tokyo, you and your team alongside private investigator James Murdock have been contacted by Miss Miharu about a robbery that has taken place in one of her many properties. A cruel and spiteful uncle that has torn her family apart is at the center of the mystery. Locked inside, you will have to home into all of your investigational skills to unfold the secrets, solve the crime and escape out of the locked room all in one hour!
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Much as with the other Hint Hunt room, this has the glow of nostalgia but suffers somewhat in comparison to the top-tier rooms I've played since.
It's a pretty room and if only for that has a slight edge over JM's Office.
Outside the room As I soon came to realise, escape rooms are not placed in the most salubrious parts of town. They're rarely after passing trade, so cheap rent is more important than anything. That said, HintHunt isn't actually too bad – just round behind Euston. One thing that HintHunt were guilty of, as are most
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We liked this room which is not very complicated, but makes you dive into the world of Japan (not manga eh, more traditional). The puzzles are fluid, non-linear but not really coherent. It is a fairly complete room with manipulations, excavation, observation and reflection and is affordable for beginners.

We returned to HintHunt some five months after playing their other room, John Monroe’s Office. As I write this now I’m wondering how the hell I’m going to keep up with visiting all the rooms that open in London and the Midlands, let alone further afield. So it’s funny to think back to how we waited five months in between games because only two existed, and we didn’t want to over-do it!
Overall, this was a fun room to escape. The puzzles were engaging and enjoyable and I particularly liked the Sudoku puzzle element as it was something that we could complete together, though I’m sure that this has the potential to truly frustrate players who don’t solve these outside of escape rooms – plenty of opportunities for mistakes here! It was definitely more enjoyable than Hint Hunt’s first offering and I’m excited to try their new games to see how they’ve continued to develop their puzzles.
We joined a detective team investigating a robbery in a Japanese apartment, in an adventure HintHunt recommends to world travellers, secret agents, fairy tale fans, mystery seekers, mediums, magicians and fortune tellers. Would it suit this pair of Japanophile escapists?

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