XscapeNow: Red Planet Panic

By | March 20, 2019

by XscapeNow (website)

Units 18-19 Ketley Business Park, TF1 5JD


2-6 players

60 minutes

Your mission to Mars has been a success so far, but now your life is in danger!
The Red Planet is being bombarded by a meteor storm and Mission Control has predicted a direct hit on your base. They have issued an order to evacuate and to head back home.
Can you get your rocket launched before the meteor strikes? Your life depends on it!
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When picking a game at random at a venue I often default to the sci-fi option, and it was on that basis that I booked into Xscape Now’s Red Planet Panic. This one puts you on a base on Mars after a meteor strike has knocked out most of the systems, which you need to bring back online so that you can escape before a follow-up meteor storm obliterates the base. (It would be pure pedantry to ask why the escape pod system only works once everything else is restored...)
One of Xscape Now's older gam...

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