CTRL ALT ESC: Detention

By | March 20, 2019

by CTRL ALT ESC (website)

4 Cliff terrace, CT9 1RU


2-8 players

60 minutes

As a misbehaving student you're where you belong, but you have better things to do...
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A feel-good game that throws you back to your childhood, from the GM introduction right through to the moment you escape the room. Plenty of enjoyable puzzles, an enjoyable setting and a clever finale to the experience. If you want ninety minutes of nostalgic fun then I can highly recommend.
Detention was beautifully designed, with a good flow, and just simply, good fun, ticking all my boxes for a wonderful room.
This might not be the first time we've been kept behind after school, but it's certainly the first time we've tried to escape. Did we succeed or did we get trapped in the headteacher's office?

Let you inner kid out and relive the good old days 

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