Puzzle Card: Crack The Safe

By | March 20, 2019

by Puzzle Card (website)

1-2 players

The Crack the Safe Card requires the recipient to crack the safe combination using a series of clues hidden in images throughout the card
New for 2018, this birthday card contains a number of clues located in photos to solve the safe combination and complete the card.
Once the user has solved the clues to identify the safe combination, they must enter it online to see if they are correct.
Note: Require access to the internet in order to enter the password on the Puzzle Card website
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Puzzle Card is exactly what it sounds like: a birthday greetings decorated with a mini sequence of puzzles for the recipient to solve. Their first card, which I reviewed here, themed its puzzles with a simple 'escape from the mysterious room' story; this second one is framed as finding the codes needed to unlock a safe.
As with the first, it's a few minutes diversion at most for a puzzle enthusiast. This one is maybe a little more challenging than the...

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