Unlock!: Tombstone Express

By | March 20, 2019

by Unlock! (website)

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It is very much to Unlock!'s credit that they keep experimenting with their format. Having established a game system that works, they could have easily settled into churning out identikit games. Instead, each new release seems to push the format in a different direction. Some of those experiments are more successful than others; Tombstone Express is a bold attempt at innovation but sadly didn't win me over.
This time the theme is the American West, set on a train where you're tasked with protec...
Unlock! is branching out and experimenting with the tabletop escape game format. In their most recent batch, this has had mixed results ranging from the fantastic Adventures of Oz to the interesting yet confounding Noside Story. Tombstone Express took even more risks and pushed the boundaries of what Unlock! can offer… and it went off the rails.
The wild west has seen its fair share of daring train robberies, but I reckon that ain’t happenin’ today with this here sheriff on board, pardners! Wait, seriously? We’ve been robbed? $#%&!
Although a little misleading at times, it’s another good game from Space Cowboy. It is probably our least favourite of the three but still an enjoyable hour.
If you enjoy Wild West style mysteries, Tombstone Express might be your next best purchase

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