Clockwork Escapes: Where There’s A Will

By | July 20, 2019

Wolverhampton, Jun 2019

Rated 3.5 out of 5
Lewis says:

There aren’t a lot of escape rooms that go to the trouble of portraying an outside. The ones that do always seem to find a way to have fun with it.
Where There’s a Will is set in twilight. The game has some fun props, and some fun spaces both inside and “outside”. It’s a little dark in places, but that won’t hold you back for long. I sometimes object to darkness in games, but where it makes sense it feels natural.
You are searching for a number of highly valuable items left behind by a deceased relative. Well, it’s not quite as easy as that… You’ll need to figure out what they are, some of them are well hidden, and there are a number of keys you’ll need to retrieve for the final door too. Provided you escape, you can count your score as the number of items you retrieved (or your time if you find them all).
The atmospherics make excellent use of the unusual space, the puzzles are imaginative (and on occasion, adorable), and there’s plenty to find. There are some classic escape room tropes mixed in with some new things we hadn’t seen before that kept it feeling fresh.
Recommended. 3.5 / 5

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