Game Over Lisbon: Last Chance

By | January 3, 2024

by Game Over Lisbon (website)

Rua de O Século 4B, 1200-435 Lisboa


2-5 players

Languages: EN, PO

120 mins

An exhilarating 2-hour adventure awaits, taking you to explore the streets of Lisbon like never before. While not your typical Escape Room challenge, your previous experience with puzzles and riddles has undoubtedly prepared you for this thrilling new journey!


A mysterious secret organization has released a dormant lethal substance into Lisbon's hydraulic system, with a timed activation set to occur within the next 120 minutes through servers concealed in a secret hideout within the city.

Your mission is to locate and disable these servers, preventing the activation of the lethal substance.

This mission will guide your team through winding streets, shadowy alleys, and iconic landmarks of Lisbon. You'll need to decipher enigmas, follow hidden clues, and collaborate as a team to overcome challenges and obstacles.

As time relentlessly progresses, tension escalates... Good Luck! Over and Out!

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