Game Over Lisbon: Horror Circus

By | May 26, 2022

by Game Over Lisbon (website)

Campo de Santa Clara 160A, 1100-475 Lisboa


3-7 players

Languages: EN, PO

60 minutes

Every year the circus comes to the village and everyone gathers to go see it. But this year something has changed... Strangely enough, the circus has coincided with the disappearance of several children. One night you and your friends gathered together and decided to try to figure out what was going on. When you arrive at the circus you find a note on the floor that says "Wanderlust Circus, 1940". You realize that this is not the same circus that comes to the village every year. Motivated by curiosity you quickly enter. You hear a noise, frightened, you look back, the circus entrance is gone! Now you find yourselves locked in. You begin to hear noises and see ominous shadows, your screams echo through the circus...Suddenly you hear a voice saying "You will be next". You don't have much time left, can you unravel the mystery of the circus and escape? Be quick and don't get caught
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