Game Over Lisbon: Illuminati

By | May 26, 2022

by Game Over Lisbon (website)

Campo de Santa Clara 160A, 1100-475 Lisboa


2-6 players

Languages: EN, PO

60 minutes

The Illuminati secret society is well known. They hunt secrets, mysteries and artifacts, and claim that it is God who guides them directly. What we do not yet know is, to what extent they may already be infiltrated into the Vatican. The head of security, Jacopo Alessandri, has contacted your group of historians to give you a mission. To explore the Vatican archives and try to find evidence that the Illuminatti are planning something. Your main objective is to protect the Holy Grail and make sure that it is safe, while gathering evidence that will incriminate the Illuminatti. You don't have much time, do it quickly and the church will be eternally grateful, but if you fail this mission the Vartican will have to get rid of you... for knowing too much!
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