Hourglass Games: Dead Man’s Chest

By | December 1, 2021

by Hourglass Games (website)

King Charles House, 29 New Street, Worcester WR1 2DP


2-5 players

Languages: EN

60 minutes


A mysterious Treasure Chest has recently been unearthed during an archeological dig underneath The King Charles House pub. Researchers believed it has been there for hundreds of years, undisturbed, and that it originally was plundered from the Darkest Depths of the ocean.

Now, it is a well known fact that The King Charles House acted as the hideout spot for King Charles during the Battle of Worcester in 1651. But could young Charles have been hiding something else at the house?

Following the recent findings of the mysterious Treasure Chest, researchers believe that King Charles had made a deal with a gang of pirates to buy this chest – as it had been long rumoured that the chest harbours mystical powers and they who open it will be granted immortality forever. But before King Charles could use the Skeleton Key to open the chest, he was chased off my oncoming Roundhead soldiers. Abandoning the chest forever.

Until now. We need you to find the Skeleton Key, and unearth the chests mystical powers! Will you take the challenge?

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