Lockbox Escape Room: Gallery Heist

By | October 7, 2021

by Lockbox Escape Room (website)

8490 W. State Road 84, FL 33324

Team of 2: £42.00 $55.00
Team of 4: £60.00 $80.00
Team of 6: £113.00 $150.00

Languages: EN

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The manager of an art museum is being accused of stealing a valuable painting. He claims he is innocent and has called you in to help him prove his innocence. You have 1 hour before he will be taken in and charged with the crime. Your mission is to recover the stolen painting and find out who the real thief is. Good Luck! 
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Although we finished in 18 minutes, it was still a fun game due to the mechanics involved, the overall storyline and puzzles that revealed clues of the mastermind's identity, bit by bit. We felt encouraged to keep going on as we want to know who is this mastermind! With that said, depending on the number of players you have, this game might or might not be suitable. The high cost for the game might not be suitable for enthusiasts but could make sense for a large group with less experience with puzzles. They are able to host to an unlimited amount of players all at once! Hopefully they'll develop self sustaining games soon without a GM so thta enthusts can en

Lastly, I wouldn't recommend this game for enthusiasts as they will take roughly the same time as us and might feel it's not worth it. However, as someone who is in the events industry, I will totally recommend it for team building activities or beginners to online escape games, where they can have a feel on how such games work, yet not find it too difficult/easy, and perhaps might get addicted to escape games in the future!

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