Kubiq Room: Big Game

By | July 23, 2021

by Kubiq Room (website)

Avenue de la Rochelle 12, 1008 Prilly

Up to 100 players

Languages: EN, FR

🎧actor / audio
90-120 mins

To be clever and strategic, to keep your cool and not to tremble, to use your neurons and

your dexterity, to work in a team and not to forget your logic, such are the rules of the BIG


The BIG GAME is our great video conference quiz! Comfortably installed in your living room

with your team or each of you by videoconference, get to know your teammates better and

spend a moment of relaxed pleasure. laughter guaranteed!

The BIG GAME is more like a quiz than an Escape Game. It will put you in front of riddles,

challenges of all kinds and puzzles, but its greatest asset will be to make you laugh and to

make you spend a great time with your friends! Be resourceful, a little brave and creative to

become the best BIG GAME team!

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