DADs Casino Party: Space Lock

By | March 11, 2021

by DADs Casino Party (website)

2-8 players

£11.00 $14.95

Languages: EN

60-90 mins

Earth has been spoiled from years of human waste and space debris. We had to travel to Terra8 to start over and learn from our mistakes.

 A radiation mutation forces you to make quick choices to survive.

Will you make it to Terra8,  save your crew and complete your mission?  

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The puzzles were pretty straightforward but if you'll probably also encounter a few surprises. I thought that the game could benefit from pushing a bit harder on the storyline and matching the objectives to it. At times it felt like the puzzles were introduced randomly and didn’t necessarily help bring the story forward. They were mainly to make the game fun and entertaining like a video game. But all in all, playing Trip to Terra 8 was a fun way for our team to hang out together on a Wednesday night!

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