4Walls Escape: Mysterious Crime

By | February 22, 2021

by 4Walls Escape (website)

£13.00 €14.99

150 mins
There is a mysterious break-in at your parents' house: everything is ransacked and looks like someone was looking for something specific, but apparently nothing is stolen. Or was it? What starts as a "harmless" burglary gradually turns out to be something much bigger: the discovery of a hidden family secret layers deep in mystery. So deep, in fact, that you'll hop on a plane and continue your inexplicable journey into the past on another continent. Solve a series of exciting puzzles, but always be on your guard - you're not the only one in pursuit... Hopefully the clues won't literally get lost in the sand...
Will you dare to search for clues that uncover this secret, waiting to be solved after all this time?
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