Escape Room LA: The Four Elements

By | January 31, 2021

by Escape Room LA (website)

3-10 players

Β£19.00pp $23.50pp

🎧actor / audio
Travel back in time to the mysterious secret laboratory of a medieval alchemist, where you must free and unite the four elements of Earth, Air, Fire and Water and escape before the alchemist returns!
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The live digital version was played . I would rate as average . It’s fine bit there are better rooms

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If you've played Escape Room La's "The Alchemist" room in person before then you might want to skip this game as this digital game is the online adaptation of that room. We've never played a telescape game where versus mode could be implemented so that was interesting to see. Of course you can play it anyway you like. We don't really think the GM is really necessary in these types of point-n-click games as we can work through the hint system ourselves if its automated. But it could really help if you are not familiar with this type of play. The price might seem a bit higher in comparison to some of the other telecape games we've seen but the quality is definitely higher as well. It would be great if the game masters could do some role playing with the storyline. This would make the game seem more like an audio escape room and digital game hybrid. It will also make the price more justifiable. We looking forward to sabotaging more evil plans with Escape Room LA soon!

Of the five games available at Escape Room LA when we visited, The Alchemist was the other one I'd had strong recommendations for. The venue operates on a public booking basis but here again we managed to get the room to ourselves by playing daytime midweek. And once again we found ourselves with the gamemaster in the room silently observing, though this time in a way that was a lot easier to ignore than for The Pyramid - in fact it took us a couple of minutes to realise we weren't alone.
Is there a word for taking gold and transforming it back into lead?
We loved this room and it was refreshing to play something that felt very different compared to the 100+ rooms we have played up until this point. We highly recommend playing this room if you are in the LA area.

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