Final Escape Berlin: Ghost Ship

By | January 21, 2021

by Final Escape Berlin (website)


2-6 players

60 minutes

You were kicked off your pirate crew for mutiny. Now you are looking for a new one – but you are pirates with high standards. You want to sign on the most popular ship on the seven seas. Upon your application you receive a message in a bottle with a bizarre note. You have been invited by the captain to take an entrance exam, because he wants to see if you are made of the right stuff.

Full of eagerness, you head to a secluded bay at the appointed time, where you are already awaited. You soon find out that your task is a real test of courage: in the dense fog you enter an old shipwreck. Rumour has it that the ghosts of the old crew still inhabit it and have put a curse on certain objects. However, there is said to be a treasure that is not cursed and your job will be to get it for your new captain. Right now the crew has gone ashore to replenish their rum supplies. But they’ll be back in one hour already and then you shouldn’t have any more business here if your life is dear to you.

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