TimeQuest: Elf Magic Online: Human & Elf Liaison Project

By | December 27, 2020

by TimeQuest (website)

Hop Farm Family Park, Maidstone Road, Paddock Wood, TN12 6PY

1-6 players


60-90 mins

Welcome recruits

We are so pleased you are interested in applying for the ‘Human & Elf Liaison Project’ or H.E.L.P for short. Christmas at the North Pole is a year in the planning and Project H.E.L.P. is key to a successful outcome. Members of H.E.L.P are a hand selected bunch of humans that work closely with the elves to ensure that Santa Claus is able to successfully deliver presents on Christmas Eve. Each year we recruit only the top agents from our class to become Human & Elf Liaison Professionals.

As part of this years cohort your job will be to report to Pepper Minstix (Head of Elf-Land Security) for your briefing. Once briefed you will then be assigned to your mentor Elf, who will be watching you to see how you get on.

As always we need your best, so apply your inner elf and go get them. 

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