Puzzle Effect Clovis: The Reel

By | December 26, 2020

by Puzzle Effect Clovis (website)

290 Shaw Ave A, Clovis, CA 93612


Up to 6 players

60 minutes

The Reel has the best movie theater popcorn that money can buy. Radically buttery, salty, and crunchy – no other concession stand can compete. Literally! You are the disgruntled owners of a rival theater in town, and the only hope of saving your business relies on a heist most triumphant! Luckily, The Reel’s bogus manager brags about his "secret recipe" to anyone who will listen. More than once, he has let slip that the key to ultimate popped perfection is locked up somewhere on the premises. You can only hope to have enough time to find and snag the secret recipe for your own devilish snack-selling plans!

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Overall: this room with an unusual theme is very pleasant to play. It is quite well transcribed for the visio, without really exploiting the Game master as an avatar.

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