Mystery Mansion Regina: D’Vile’s Curio Shoppe

By | December 3, 2020

by Mystery Mansion Regina (website)

2333 Albert Street

4+ players

Team of 4: £64.00 CA$111.00
Team of 6: £96.00 CA$166.50

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Local paranormal Youtuber, Estelle Jacobs, was searching for her missing boyfriend, Alex. Shortly after visiting D'Vile's Curio Shoppe, Estelle vanished without a trace. It's time to venture inside the Curio Shoppe through a live video feed and find out the truth about Estelle's disappearance...

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Curio Shoppe is set in between Mystery Mansion’s horror game Night Terrors 1 and Night Terrors 2 (of which I believe only the first has ever been available for remote play). Although it therefore fits into the narrative of their Sleepy Man games, the titular bogeyman doesn’t feature directly, and you’re instead investigating a scary occult shop looking for a missing person. So although some story references will no doubt make more sense if you play Night Terrors first, I jumped straight in with ...

Some friends had already played ‘Night Terrors’, the precursor to this game, and had raved about it.  Happily, you don’t need to have played that game to play this one, so I duly signed up and we began to look for a missing blogger who had disappeared after visiting the eponymous shop…

Mystery Mansion Regina has done several remote escape games online now ("DTF: Drag Task Force", "Seen", "The Detective's Story", and "Night Terrors") and they've improved on the quality every time. They've always try to come up with new concepts through storyline and technology. This room is actually a sequel to "Night Terrors" so we recommend you playing that room first for the continuity of the storyline. If you like to solve a good spooky mystery, you'll enjoy yourself in D'Vile's Curio Shoppe! Also, if you are a fan of this mystery, watch out for the finale coming March of this year!

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