East Anglian Railway Museum: Derailed

By | November 27, 2020

by East Anglian Railway Museum (website)

Station Rd, Wakes, Colne CO6 2DS


Languages: EN

60 minutes


The Essex Republican Army is an anarcho-criminal gang and are aware of a royal visit to the Museum planned for later this year. In the interests of their carbon footprint, the royal party will of course be arriving from London by train. The gang will be following the progress of the train carrying the royal party and have planted an explosive device under Chappel Viaduct. This powerful device will be detonated by a box of electronics a hundred yards along the track in the Museum grounds.

Agents working for The East Anglian Intelligence Agency have been listening to some online chatter and have rumbled the plot. It seems that the gang are not as clever as they claim and they have left a series of clues for other members of the gang to locate the device should one of them be arrested or forget where they located it.

If the device is not found the Victorian era viaduct will be demolished and the royal train will plummet into the River Colne 75ft below.

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