Curious Correspondence: Chapter II: Warehouse on the Wharf

By | November 23, 2020

by Curious Correspondence (website)


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60-90 mins

A chill in the air and blanket of fog carried by it, you find yourself met by a rusty shipping yard. With only a handful of information and a dockmaster intently focused on your capture, you must uncover the secrets of the docks using evidence left by a faceless ally.

Can you crack the code, and uncover the secret hidden amongst the crates? 

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This game needs to be played in a linear fashion. We strongly recommend reading the your objectives before starting the game. It'll be much either to organize the clues together. As we ventured through the game, it felt like we're part of an action movie. From identifying the whereabouts of the entrance to the correct warehouse to looking for the artifacts in the right crate to ultimately escaping by sending out the proper distress signal, the entire game felt like a "007" assignment. You'll have your "M" to help you out incase you get stuck. As were game pieces that needed to be constructed in this game, we really appreciated the photo aspect of it in the hint system showing that final look.

The whole experience was challenging fun and, aside from one puzzle that grew a little frustrating by the end of it, we had another delightful two hours playing in this world.

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