Homescape: The Pharaoh’s Tomb

By | November 7, 2020

by Homescape (website)

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You could not wait for this Egyptian vacation and today has finally reached the culmination of the journey, as you are right in front of the famous pyramids.

For your safety, you have to go on a designated footpath, but you can't resist. Your desire for adventure grows and despite the ban, you decide to walk away from the group in a suitable time.

At first, the situation seems very exciting. Finally, you can discover the area without any restrictions, but the adventure that seems not dangerous at all, suddenly turns into a nightmare.

The ground shakes and in the next moment, the ground disappears from underneath your feet. You shout in fear and your heart is beating in your throat while you're falling. Luckily you fall on something soft, yet you can't calm down because it seems there's no chance that you can climb out of the deep stack.

Sadly, even the location that surrounds you cannot be trusted. You only see three locked chambers, and the creepiest is a locked sarcophagus in the middle of the room. Yes! There is a mummy right near you. 

There is a skeleton in the corner leaning against the wall. The parchment found in his hand reveals how you can get out of the tomb. There's nothing you can do! You have to pull yourself together and fight!

Explore the chambers protected by cunning puzzles, survive the traps waiting for you and get out of the pharaoh's tomb while that mummy is still sleeping peacefully in his bed... 
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