Homescape: Whittingham’s Mental Asylum

By | November 7, 2020

by Homescape (website)

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Whittingham's mental asylum has a big reputation. Excellent doctors, psychiatrist and other professionals are doing their best to help the patients to recover. You feel that you should help these great people, so you volunteer for a day to take part in a little renovation work.

You work diligently when you accidentally overhear something that nurses and doctors have carefully tried to hide. With the proof in your hands, you want to escape, but the next moment you are surrounded by a lot of people in white clothes.

You're busted. You all feel a very powerful punch on your head and suddenly everything goes dark. You woke up a couple of hours later in an infirmary, wearing the same clothes as the patients here. You have wristbands with your name on it and with a creepy text saying: "patient of Whittingham's mental asylum". 

Straight away you know what happened. They've locked you up and they want to treat you as patients. You realise that you try in vain, no one would believe you, seeing your clothes and wristbands.

You only have one option. You have to explore the hidden corners of the institute, walk through the creepy corridors and find a way out before all your chances are lost. Overcome your fears and the obstacles rolled in front of you. This is the only way to get rid of Whittingham Mental Asylum!

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