ClueQuest: Halloween Survival Training

By | October 25, 2020

by ClueQuest (website)

Around this time of the year we get numerous reports of Halloween horrors terrorizing neighborhoods across the world. That’s why we have developed this emergency training course for all field agents - including you!
By the time you’ve graduated, you’ll be well prepared to survive whatever Halloween might throw at you!
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It’s incredibly important to be able to correctly identify the various creatures that go bump in the night, and know how to respond accordingly. With excellent Halloween theming, family friendly content, clever puzzles, and beautiful artwork, clueQuest’s Halloween Survival Escape Training is a delightful way to to get into the mood for the Spookiest Time of Year.
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It’s got EVERYTHING – a nervous scientist running the program, vampires, zombies and experiments gone wrong. I learned more about the universe of Mr. Q and his friends than I’d ever wanted to know, and Player 2 even exclaimed “WHAT? [Redacted Character] was a vampire this whole time and we’ve been helping them?!”. It’s hilarious! Frighteningly good fun!

What we loved in this episode is the use of the different types of monsters and how their typical, well known traits is what is needed to solve some of the puzzles. With a mixture of difficulty found within, we did have to use a few hints when playing, but everything made complete sense and sometimes the simplest of solutions is all that is required. Don’t sink your teeth too deep is what we recommend!

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