Angle Escape: The Victim

By | September 24, 2020

by Angle Escape (website)

939 Lincoln Road First Floor, PE4 6AF


2-6 players

Languages: EN

60 minutes

There’s a killer on the rampage.
Bodies are stacking up, and the police are dragging their feet. They’re not even convinced the killings are connected.
The killer is getting cocky - his crime scenes aren’t being discovered for weeks and the killer has taken to taunting those hunting them; after all, they’re not exactly close to being caught.
You and your team of vigilantes have been following the crimes with great interest, and you think you might have stumbled upon something of great importance - you have found the most recent crime scene… much earlier than the killer expected.
You have a unique chance to look through the undisturbed crime scene and maybe find a clue as to the killer’s next target.
You might be able to save a life tonight.
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The Victim is, I believe, the earliest room they have at Angle Escape, and it does show. As we played their other games they improved in quality. If darkness and lack of signposting doesn’t bother you, then you may enjoy this, but for us we just didn’t get on with it and left feeling rather deflated.

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