Mystery Rooms: Heist

By | June 27, 2020

by Mystery Rooms (website)

1-6 players

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The team is back together! You are all experts in works of art and precious objects. Experts ... in acquiring them from exhibitions and art galleries, museums, banks and even private collections. Numerous "miraculous disappearances" of extremely valuable jewels, works of art, all sorts of treasures are put on your account, but your name could never be directly linked to these disappearances.
This time you're involved in something different...your group leader, Mr. X, the brain behind your operations, got information about a rare collection of precious jewels. Not only who owns it, but also where he keeps it! He told you as usual, only a part of the plan, enough to get you into the game, but that's what he always does ...
You've planned, trained, everything has been set up and now you are in full action at the scene!
But there are two "small" problems...1. As soon as BARCELONA, a member of your team, entered the room where the collection was, the door locked behind him. And 2. It seems like Mr. X vanished, there is nowhere to be found!
What would you and tour team do? Flee and leave your teammate trapped? Help him stop the alarm that started ringing? Work together to steal the treasures? Or just try to help your teammate escape?
Whould you confirm your reputation?
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